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Let’s connect! I love to collaborate with others who have taken up the journey of living an unmeasured life. Have a product that makes life easier? A story of how you overcame your insecurities and began living a life unmeasured? I would love to chat with you and share with my tribe!

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I am a writer, blogger, mom and lover of tacos! I write passionately, live simply, serve God unapologetically, love my family fiercely, live adventurously, love people unhesitatingly, and dream unmeasurably.

Life Unmeasured was born out of the desire to experience more out of life than the mediocre. I am a mother who has struggled with self-care, who doesn’t always make the healthiest meal choices for my kids, who hates clutter and the “extra”, who is obsessed with planners and pens but rarely sticks to a schedule, who loves her job but also loves staying home with her children, and who wants to simplify life to the point that we can all have great big adventures together to fill up life with all of the memories and fun we can find.

Most of my life has been spent being a “yes man”! I have neglected self-care and sometimes made terrible prioritizing mistakes for the sake of pleasing others. It took me a LONG TIME to figure out that I could not live a fulfilled life like that. Most of my childhood was spent feeling like I never measured up to anything anyone expected of me….and you can guess what that did to my self esteem. As I became more interested in psychology I began to have a better understanding of what this attitude of always needing to “measure up” did to me and I knew it needed to STOP!

I needed to uncomplicate my life, clear our the clutter, clear others’ expectations of me out of my mind, take care of myself and my family, and keep it simple. Oh, and quit trying to measure up to what I think everyone else expects.

I believe that is what living a life unmeasured is all about: Taking the unnecessary and complicated out of our daily lives so that we can fill them up with all of the creativity and adventure we can fit… Minimizing and streamlining menial tasks so that we can fill up our cups until they are flooding over with an unmeasurable amount of peace, joy, and happiness with exactly where we are in life. Live a life that is not being measured by others…get unmeasured!

One of the things that fills my cup to overflowing is connecting with people, highlighting how amazing they are, and shining the light on how goodness in humanity is still in the lead over all of the darkness that seems to be glorified on a daily basis. I am hoping that this Life Unmeasured journey can do just that.

I am thankful that you are here with me, and look forward to connecting with you, learning about you, and serving you. Welcome to a Life Unmeasured!