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Behind the Scenes (A Shepherd or a King)

“…but now thy kingdom shall not continue: the Lord hath sought him a man after His own heart, and the Lord hath appointed him to be captain over his people, because thou hast not kept that which the Lord commanded thee.  1 Samuel 13-14

A fair shepherd boy attends to his father’s sheep while looking out across a great expanse of field. He begins to sing praises to the God of all Creation. He tends to the sheep with care and concern, protects them, guides them, loves them. From his perspective and all that knew him he was a shepherd.

God, seeking a man after his own heart, made an appointment for a man to be “captain over his people”. He sought someone who would display the kingly qualities of God himself. He sought someone with His own heartbeat for the ones He loved. He sought someone who would reign with care and concern, fierce and loyal protection of his people, wisdom to guide with godly counsel, and most importantly with true love for the people of God. From His perspective David was that man, a King.

It is not uncommon to questions where we are at in life. To wonder what significant purpose we have in a world that often gives us the feeling that we are quite insignificant. Trusting God and having patience during the transition times is often so difficult that we fail to realize the magnificent plans that He has for us. God doesn’t often give us a behind the scenes look at everything he is putting into motion to bring us to the next step of our journey, but he is working, and he is working FOR us. While we are continuing our walk with him, continuing in faithfulness, continuing in worship, continuing in steadfast and fierce loyalty to Him, and chasing after the very heart of God, He is working on our next destination. When discouragement comes and you can not seem to find the significance in your life just remember that while David sat in a field known as a shepherd boy, God had already appointed him to be the King.

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