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Scars of Victory

We often come to God with our scars asking him “why?”. Why the battle? Why did I have to fight? Where were you God? We want to hide our scars from those around us because we think they are ugly. We think they are signs of weakness and defeat. We see failure. Some are better than others at hiding them, and some just don’t try.

It is easy to get so wrapped up in our past battles and problems and continue to point our scars out to God, but we look at them much differently than He does. Where we see signs of weakness, victimization, struggles, losses… HE sees survival. He sees someone who is still standing. He sees Victory.

On the cross God’s human body was fully flesh. He felt every nail that was beat into his body. He felt the devastating pain of the spear. His emotions were ripped apart as the ones He loved beat Him, crucified Him and then mocked Him as He hung in agony. He felt it all. He felt the pain of life, and he took on the scars that pain brought with it. Those scars were not weakness, defeat or loss. They were a sign of VICTORY! A defeat of death, hell and the grave!

He bore the scars of our sin so that we could be victorious over death. As we bear the scars of life, let’s wave them high as our banner of survival, strength and victory.

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